Back To Work Keep Safe Kit

An ALCOHOL FREE Hand Sanitiser that causes no skin irratation and is equally effective but much more gentle as the harsh sanitisers that contain alcohol.


As people across the UK are returning to work, anti-irritation specialists Salicin have produced a Back To Work Kit, including an alcohol-free sanitiser which meets NHS standards without drying out the skin, and a mobile phone cleaning kit and face mask sanitiser which deactivates viruses.

Back To Work Keep Safe Kit

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  • Back to Work Keep Safe Kit provides protection without the damaging effects of alcohol-based sanitisers

    • Back To Work Kit contains an easy-to-carry 100ml bottle of ICIN Sanitiser, a 250ml jar to easily top up the bottle, Clean Call (our mobile phone sanitising formula) in a 100ml atomizer and our Face Mask Sanitiser, plus two pairs of latex gloves and a Smartcover face mask.
    • Kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi
    • Hospital Grade – Meets the standards of EN1500 for skin and EN1276 for surfaces – suitable where disinfection is medically required.
    • Alcohol-Free, it will not dry or irritate your hands
    • This gentler kit provides a solution for people who want the reassurance of NHS grade disinfectant without the skin problems traditional sanitisers bring.
    • Safe to use around children and animals

    Why choose a Back to Work Keep Safe Kit?

    • ICIN Hand Sanitiser is alcohol-free so it will not dry out or irritate skin, while it’s been tested by the NHS in Birmingham to prove it’s as effective as alcohol-based sanitisers. As it’s alcohol-free, it’s also safe to use around children and animals, and it’s non-flammable, so it’s not a fire risk when stored in larger quantities.
    •  Clean Call kit includes everything you need to sanitise your phone without damaging it – vital as research indicates that Covid-19 can survive on mobile phones for nearly a week.
    • After lightly spraying a mask with the Face Mask Sanitiser, the water element quickly evaporates and leaves a molecularly thin synthetic protein layer. This layer is invisible and firmly attached to the mask. When the virus lands on the surface, it sticks to the protein and is deactivated, becoming harmless.