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Salicin Skincare specialises in products to to protect us during the pandemic and products that soothe and replenish sensitive skin and irritated scalps. Salicin skincare, protects, cleanses, conditions and restores sensitive skin, hair and scalps. Unlike mainstream products, Salicin does not contain the synthetic preservatives known to cause skin irritation. It also emulates the calming, anti-itching benefits of now-banned coal tar products, but without the publicised healthcare concerns. Formulated with white willow bark, dead sea salt, aloe vera and radish root ferment filtrate, the symbiotic effect of the four ingredients is what creates our 100% natural preservative. All of our products are vegan-friendly, paraben-free and fragrance-free. In 2020, as people across the UK are returning to work Salicin has produced a Back To Work Box, including an alcohol free sanitiser which meets NHS standards without drying out the skin, a mobile phone cleaning kit and a face mask sanitiser spray. Decontamination expert Keith Macgregor created the Salicin healthcare range while developing products for the NHS over a decade ago but production has since restarted in light of the current pandemic.

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